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Temple Beth El Bradenton           Shabbat Services are every Friday night at 7:30 pm                        May 2018
A REFORM CONGREGATION                             Saturday morning at 10 am followed by Torah Study    
5150 Peridia Blvd E. BRADENTON, FL 34203
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"News and Views”
By  Rabbi Michael Sternfield

Recently I stopped by the Ace Hardware store near the Temple. Much to my surprise, at the check-out counter, I found several jars of Kosher pickles for sale. I told the clerk that this must be the only hardware store in the world that sells kosher pickles! My rabbinic curiosity compelled me to read the label. As I suspected, the was no sign of a heksher, I.e. a symbol that would indicate that these pickles were indeed certifiably kosher. These pickles are Jewish style dill pickles, with the word kosher meant to convey this. Certainly, the hardware store is not to be blamed for this minor misrepresentation.

This presents me with an opportunity to set straight what kosher means, not that many of us observe the rules of kashrut, but primarily to be better informed and to raise our consciousness. There is a common misconception that food is kosher if it has been blessed by a rabbi. This is not true. The role of the mashgiach, (kashrut inspector) is to make certain that all of the rules of a Jewish law have been followed. Those food industries that wish to have their products certified as kosher obtain the services of a mashgiach through a recognized Orthodox rabbinical body. Unfortunately, in recent years there have been a number of improprieties that have brought into question the integrity of kashrut certification, particularly regarding meat products, where the rules are especially stringent.

 You may recall the scandal of the kosher meat packing company in Postville, Iowa. The proprietors, supposedly Orthodox, played loose with the rules, engaged in money laundering and mistreated their employees, most of whom were Mexican immigrants. When all this came to light, those responsible were convicted and the facility was sold to scrupulous new owners. The Postville scandal raised for the first time a very different concern. Could a product be kosher if those who were employed in its preparation are abused? As one would expect, there are many serious injuries in the meat packing industry. There was no medical care provided when such accidents occurred. This was an especially unsafe workplace. Workers were paid poorly and if they complained they were fired or, even worse, the owners would notify the INS and many were deported. In reaction, the Conservative movement has been considering a new approach to kashrut, called heksher tsedek, meaning righteously kosher. It adds an additional layer to certification. In order for any product to be kosher according to this standard, the workers must be treated humanely and not exploited. Although I am not observant of traditional kashrut, I believe that this concept is sound. If this standard should take hold, it would open for inquiry the “kashrut” of other manufactured goods. Could a pair of shoes or a suit or a dress be considered “kosher,” i.e. acceptable for use if they were manufactured by exploited workers, especially child labor? This is a matter worthy of our consideration, under the rubric of kashrut, the definition of which might well be expanded.

Years ago, Hebrew National used as their advertising slogan: “We answer to a Higher Authority.” This is a standard to which all of us would do well to be concerned about a wide array of consumer goods. All too often, our primary concern is simply the cost to us. What about the cost for those who often work under terrible conditions for menial wages?

Rabbi Michael Sternfield
Rabbi Sternfield is available to meet with you for counseling, guidance or to discuss issues or concerns.
He is also available for Jewish and interfaith weddings; funerals and memorial services, and other life cycle events. Call the temple to make an appointment. 941-755-4900




Membership in a synagogue represents a commitment to the community. It means that you are involved in keeping Jewish life alive and seeing it continue to the next generation. It also gives you a framework of giving and contributing to the Shul, and it means that you are a partner in supporting the financial needs of the Synagogue which we are all part of. If you are interested in joining Temple Beth El Bradenton, please contact Staci


TBE Members: Don't forget that you may pay your

dues by credit card!  

Please call the Temple office (941-755-4900)

for more information!

Message from the President 
Dr. Robyn Spirtas


Shalom Temple family and friends,

We are getting closer and closer to the end of our fiscal year. Our annual congregational meeting is THIS Sunday!  It is so important that you attend. 4 pm at the temple. You will hear from our Rabbi, each board member and committee chair plus get a complete overview from our Treasurer on the budget. Going forward, we will be having our calendar/planning meeting soon and then we start planning for the High Holy Days, yes, already! It’s an exciting time. Our Bar Mitzvah boy will be ready for his big day soon and our Hebrew school girls will be finishing up and getting ready for the summer.



Your TBE President, Robyn Spirtas


TBE Shabbat Services and Special Events:

Friday, May 4th: "Cinco de Mayo" Shabbat Service  7:30 pm

Saturday, May 5th: Shabbat Morning Service 10:00 am 


Wednesday, May 10th: Guests/Potential new member Ice Cream Social 7:00 pm


Friday, May 11th: Mother’s Day Erev Shabbat Service  7:30 pm

Saturday, May 12th: Shabbat Morning Service 10:00 am 

Sunday, May 13th: Mother’s Day Brunch – Sponsored by the Men’s Club 2 pm


Friday, May 18th: Shavuot Erev Sabbat with Torah Service 7:30 pm

Saturday, May 19th: Shabbat Morning Service 10:00 am 


Wednesday, May 23rd: TBE Calendar meeting for the board

Friday, May 25th: Family Erev Sabbat Service 7:30 pm

Saturday, May 26th: Shabbat Morning Service 10:00 am    


There's more! Check out ALL the TBE EVENTS and details on the website- view in either list or calendar view.  AND print for your records!!  www.templebethelbradenton.com

♫  ♫  ♫  Music  ♫  ♫  ♫


“Those who sing, pray twice.” (Talmud)

Voice! The gift we all possess! If you love to sing (more or less on pitch) and have a musical ear in ensemble, then the congregational choir is for you! For more information: please contact Cantor Bard (773-484-8149)

 Men's Club News


To finish off this year we are hoping to plan a trip to a Marauders Baseball game on Sunday, June 24th.

We will take a hiatus for the summer and at our first meeting in August we will plan some wonderful events and speakers for next year. At the last official meeting Albert Rosenstein has taken on the Men’s Club board position of recording secretary. The positions of Treasurer and someone to assist Dr. Irv Zamikoff in finding speakers and in program planning are still open.


We hope you will join us for all of the TBE Men's Club events.


Neil Clark, Men's Club President

 Shares from Sisterhood

The sisterhood has organized a visit to the Manatee Performing Arts Center to see "Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding" on Wednesday, June 6th- Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding is an “environmental/immersive theatre” event based on a traditional Italian-American wedding and reception, with warm and intrusive stereotypes exaggerated for comic effect. We are looking forward to it.

Future events are a boat trip, another visit to Topaz, Sisterhood Shabbat, Chocolate Shabbat, and some other ideas will come when we get together again! Please join us at our meetings and bring your ideas.

Jean welcomes any ideas for speakers at our luncheons, or other ideas for monthly meetings.  Do not hesitate to send email or phone 941-747-2423  



Let the congregation share your joy or memory. Please consider sponsoring an Oneg Shabbat
in celebration or remembrance

Friday: Challah and wine $25; food $25 both $50

Saturday: Challah and Wine for Sat. morning. $25

Entire Shabbat,  $75.00

Please make all checks payable to: Sisterhood, Temple Beth El





Our students are steadily moving forward in learning the Hebrew letters and reading real words with the letters they have learned. They are, at the same time, learning to write those letters in the block form. Our Bar Mitzvah boy has started learning his Torah portion with Rabbi, and the prayers, with Miss Susie.
Susie Konicov, Morah (Teacher) 


Our Hebrew & Religious school is an interactive, hands-on teaching experience. We will soon be enrolling children for both our Religious and Hebrew School for 2019. If you are interested in registering your child for Religious school, please contact our Education Director, Susie Konicov, by calling the Temple office at 941-755-4900.  


If you know an unaffiliated Jewish family with young children, who is looking for a shul, please tell them about us! We want to build our religious school and are looking for more students. 


If you are interested in learning how to read Hebrew or are interested in a Beginner's Hebrew Conversation class, call Temple Beth El  at 941-755-4900. Participants in the Conversation class must read Hebrew proficiently. 

 The Temple Office


The TBE office is available to you or for your questions. We are typically open Tuesdays thru Thursday, 9:30 am - Noon.  For Rabbi or Temple information or to RSVP for an event, please call the Temple office. 941-755-4900. The Office is located at Temple Beth El, 5150 Peridia Blvd E, Bradenton 34203. Please notate on your check what the monies are for ie: "donation", "dues". You can also find out information or RSVP to an event by going to www.templebethelbradenton.com/events       


Got pocket change? Remember Pushke money? Put your change each day in a ziplock bag, then bring the bag to the Temple as a donation. Every little bit helps! It is a great way to get the kids to contribute too!


“It is a Tree of Life to those who hold fast to it.” Proverbs 3:18  Purchasing a leaf (or leaves) on our Tree of Life, is a wonderful way to mark and sanctify precious life events, such as: B’nai Mitzvah, engagements, weddings, birth of a child or grandchild, birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion.  It is also a loving way to remember those who have gone before us. Call the TBE office for more info -


Special Events 


Synagogue Council-  Day of Learning

April 29th at the Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee,
580 McIntosh Road, Sarasota. 8:30am-12:30pm

8:30-9:15am Keynote Speaker - Dr. Steven Derfler  
Political Zionism and the Creation of the State

    2 Breakout Sessions including our own, Rabbi Michael Sternfield - 
Speaking on: Religious Pluralism in Israel Today


Annual Meeting!

 It is that time of year again. Time for our annual congregational meeting.
Would you like to learn about what's happening in our ritual department
or what our 2019 plans are? Hear from each of our committees? Vote on the budget?
It is imperative that every member in good standing come to the meeting and vote.
The meeting will be at the Temple, 5150 Peridia Blvd E. on Sunday, April 29th at 4 pm.




5150 Peridia Blvd E Bradenton, FL 34203 (941)-755-4900 
TBEBradentonFL@yahoo.com Office hours: Monday - Thursday 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 




Cantor Emeritus

Religious Education Director  


Executive Board
Exec. Vice President 
Immediate Past President 


Board Members


Community Affairs
Publicity  & Social Media 

Men's Club 

Board Members at Large            


Michael Sternfield
Deborah Bard
Alan Cohn

Susie Konicov



Dr. Robyn Spirtas
Ron Eiseman

Neil Spirtas
Bayla Kolton
Staci Rosenstein 
Sandy Clark




Katherine Richmond 
Susie Konicov 


Staci Rosenstein
Jean Ellis   
Neil Clark

Irv Zamikoff  

Michael Loewy          

We are looking for people to participate in a committee or help out at events.

Call the temple if interested

Yahrzeit Information


It is customary to light a yahrzeit candle on the anniversary of a death. The candle is lit the evening before and burns for 24 hours. It is also a Jewish custom and part of the foundation of Judaism to perform an act of tzedakah or charity, to honor the memory of the deceased. To make a donation in the name of your loved one, go to www.templebethelbradenton.com or send your check to 5150 Peridia Blvd E, Bradenton, Fl. 34203


Services May 4th & 5th

Joe & Iras IMO Lewis Lavine


Services May 11th & 12th

Jean Ellis IMO Gerald Abowtiz

Linda & Dr.Craig Hoffman IMO Art Samson

Judie Littell IMO Bennett Levy

Marlena Johnsky IMO Daniel Johnsky

Barry Steiger IMO Paul Ostrov

Sanford Danziger IMO Arthur E. Danziger


Services May 18th & 19th

Loren Hoffman IMO Elsie Hoffman

Ruth Weiss IMO John B. Estrada



Services May 25th & 26

Dr. Lois Gerber IMO Israel Gerber

Katherine Richmond IMO Weed H. Richmond

Florence Shulman IMO May Shur

Sharon Carlson IMO Roberta Ger

Dr, Jack Jawitz IMO Aaron Jawitz


Services June 1st & 2nd

Bernice Kipnes IMO Morris Chasen

Jean Shames IMO Dorothy Dunn


Memorial Plots are available from Temple Beth El. Located in Palmetto, Florida, Skyway Memorial Gardens has been serving the residents of Manatee County since 1952. The tranquility of Skyway ensures a peaceful resting place for years to come. Call TBE for more info on the "Garden of Abraham".

Monthly payment plans now
available through TBE.






Please remember TBE in your will, 
there is no greater gift.   

A project of the sisterhood is to feed the hungry. There is a food barrel in the foyer, waiting for your contribution. Please bring your nonperishable food items as often as possible. Hunger has no season. 





Thank you for supporting Temple Beth El with your donation. Please let us know if you would like your donation directed to a specific purpose. 






Jean Ellis IMO Rebecca Levy, Eva Pesk, Morris Levy, Valerie Lipmann

Marlena Johnsky IMO Max Johnsky

Beverly Safron IMO William Safron and Thea Lehmon

Al Herskovitz IMO of his wife Eileen Herskovitz
Jack Kipnes IMO Harry Kipnes



Itay Seith
Jean Ellis- “Many thanks to all the hardworking women”
Adelson Family in celebration of their Dad, Ron Adelson’s birthday







Jean Ellis

Marlena Johnsky
Eunice Bruton
Beverly Safron


Rabbi's Discretionary Fund




To make a donation, send checks payable to Temple Beth El, 5150 Peridia Blvd E, Bradenton, Fl. 34203 or go to www.templebethelbradenton.com/Donate


Please see our Temple supporter, Jay Givarz at Fidelity Bank
for all your mortgage needs.


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Simcha Grams 


TBE sends Birthday, Anniversary, Bar/Bat Mitzvah and other celebration “Simcha-grams” to members in honor of their special day. This is a wonderful way to contribute to your Synagogue and to send your TBE family good wishes. This is also an easy way for our Synagogue to make extra money, so please take the time to fill this out. To have your name included in the congratulatory card, just print this form and circle those names you wish to be included on and enclose $2.00 per name.  A card will be mailed to those individuals prior to their special day.     
Names must be received at the office by the 20th of the month prior to the birthday or anniversary.


                                                                                         JUNE BIRTHDAYS

3              Leo Smull

7              Ron Eiseman

10            David Meier

13            Florence Shulman

14            Eli Lerner

20            Alan Cohn

24            Katherine Hoffman


                                                                                         JUNE ANNIVERSARIES

12            David & Louise Klain

12            Melvin & Beverly Hurowitz




Your Name ____________________________________________  

How would you like your Signature on card? ________________________________________

Phone: _______________________________

# of Names Selected  @ $2.00 each  _________  Check total:______________________

In the memo area of your check write: Simcha Gram and send by the 20th of the month prior to the simcha month  to: Temple Beth El Attention: Simcha Gram, 5150 Peridia Blvd E. Bradenton, Fl  34203 
If we have somehow overlooked your Simcha or made an error in printing the date, please accept our apologies and call the temple office at 941-755-4900 so that we may update our records.   

Office: 941-755-4900  Address: 5150 Peridia Blvd East, Bradenton, Fl. 34205

www.templebethelbradenton.com     ; www.facebook.com/TBEBradenton



Temple Beth El Bradenton/Lakewood Ranch is a 501(c) 3 is a non-profit organization. 
5150 Peridia Blvd East, Bradenton, Fl. 34203     TBEBradentonfl@yahoo.com

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