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Temple Beth El Bradenton
5150 Peridia Blvd E  BRADENTON, FL 34203


July  2017

Shabbat Services are every Friday night at 7:30 pm
Saturday morning at 10 am followed by  Torah Study 

Happy Independence Day! We will be having a special service on Friday night, July 7th at 7:30 pm, come be a part of it. 

Also, We are now having Torah Service on Erev Shabbat once a month! Join us on Friday, July 21st. 7:30 pm when we take out the Torah's from the Ark! It's a wonderful service. Please join us. 

 “News and Views”
By  Rabbi Michael Sternfield  

Is there a difference between lying and not telling the truth?


The recent testimony by Attorney General Jeff Sessions before a Senate committee raises an interesting ethical question. Apparently, either Mr. Sessions has a really lousy memory or he just did not wish to tell the truth about certain recent events. Eleven times during his testimony, he claimed that he could not remember. The most mystifying of his disclaimers was his inability to remember his third meeting with the Russian ambassador, despite the fact that the two were photographed together at the Mayflower Hotel.


Obviously, the Attorney General knew how to avoid perjuring himself. I must add that this is a clever, though not especially admirable Washington trick played by politicians on both sides of the aisle.


Looking at this matter from the perspective of halachah (Jewish law), the question is whether sartful dodging constitutes a transgression. I should point out that truth telling is not an absolute in Judaism. Certainly, the Torah states clearly: Lo t’shakru, Don’t lie. (Leviticus 19) Still, there are occasions where lying may be justified. For example, if it is a matter of protecting another person’s life. But there are other justifiable reasons for not always telling the truth, such as to avoid embarrassing or humiliating another person. Essentially, lying seems to be permissible in situations where one is concerned about the well-being of another person.


But is failure to tell the truth a form of lying? I would have to say yes, it is. Jewish law deals both with sins both of commission and omission. Both are transgressions. In fact, during the High Holy Days, when we come to the Al Cheyt Prayer, “For the sins I have committed against You,” several of those listed are sins of omission. Perhaps the most profound of these is “For the sin of silence.” Every Jew should understand how the seriousness of this transgression from the horrifying memories of the Shoah (Holocaust) where world-wide silence was deafening and fatal to millions.


Failing to tell the truth does not constitute perjury unless the witness actually does remember when he has claimed not to. But that is impossible to prove. However, according to the halacha, this does constitute lying. Convenient forgetfulness fails the larger test of ethical conduct, at least according to the principles of our faith, not punishable but wrong nevertheless.


One final observation: A vow or oath is much more than a promise. When a witness stands, raises his/her hand and promises “to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, (and formerly also …”so help me God,”) this is a vow, i.e. the most solemn promise. Judaism has a long history of discouraging the making of vows because they may be very difficult to keep. Better we should not make vows at all rather than committing an offense against God. Interestingly, there is considerable agreement about this in Christiantity. The Quakers were the first Americans to object to the witness oath, citing a prohibition in James 5:12 against any form of swearing. "But above all things, my brethren, swear not, neither by heaven, neither by the earth, neither by any other oath." 


The most significant prayer of Yom Kippur is the Kol Nidre. It’s essence is a plea to God to be forgiven for vows that were made but were not kept. It seems that the concept of the vow/oath has been depreciated to the equivalent of a mere promise which, like pie crusts, are meant to be broken. Rather sad, wouldn’t you say? The old adage is that a person is only as good as his/her word. The Pirke Avot reflects this very ideal where we read: “Rabbi Shimon said, there are three crowns: the crown of Torah, the crown of priesthood, and the crown of kingship. And the crown of a good name is superior to them all.”


Rabbi Michael P. Sternfield

Rabbi Sternfield is available to meet with you for counseling, guidance or to discuss issues or concerns. He is also available for Jewish and interfaith weddings; funerals and memorial services, and other life cycle events.
Call the temple to make an appointment. 941-755-4900


Membership in a synagogue represents a commitment to the community. It means that you are involved in keeping Jewish life alive and seeing it continue to the next generation. It also gives you a framework of giving and contributing to the Shul, and it means that you are a partner in supporting the financial needs of the Synagogue which we are all part of. If you are interested in joining Temple Beth El Bradenton, please contact Staci Rosenstein by leaving a message for her at the Temple 941-755-4900   

Welcome new member!
David Karubian and family!
Jordin and Jack, age 7 and Dara age 9       

Message from the President 
Dr. Robyn Spirtas

To my TBE family,

As I go into my second month of President of this amazing congregation, I feel a sense of satisfaction. I am learning every day about all the aspects of running a temple. It has given me great pride to organize papers, documents and systems so that we will function more smoothly. We have done a great deal of promotions on facebook, e-mail and other social media to get the word out and have been getting many new faces. We have several people interested in membership! Preparation for High Holy Days are well on their way and we look forward to a successful holiday season. I am enjoying working with our new Executive VP, Ron Eiseman and have been working closely with Rabbi Sternfield to make changes and upgrades. I had a wonderful time at the sisterhood luncheon where 13 women came together to support the temple. Things are exciting and I am proud to be a part of this family. I hope that everyone reading this, will keep in touch with me. The summer is a time for us to plan and grow. If you have not been to the new temple yet, please come. We are now having our monthly dinner and a film as well as our monthly Family Pot luck Havdalah at the new building. You can learn all about the events and activities as well as all the High Holiday details right on our website! www.templebethelbradenton.com We would love to have you at Services or any of our wonderful events.

Robyn Spirtas

Friday June 30 —Erev Shabbat Service 7:30 pm 
Saturday, July 1st—Shabbat Service 10 am followed by Torah Study 

Friday, July 7– Independence Day Erev Shabbat 7:30 pm
Saturday, July 8—Shabbat Service 10 am followed by Torah Study

Wednesday, July 12 -Beth El International Film Series at TBE.  Dinner prepared by Rabbi Sternfield followed by the film The Frisco Kid! (With Gene Wilder and Harrison Ford) 6:30 pm $10.00 pp.           

Friday, July 14— Erev Shabbat 7:30 pm
Saturday, July15—Shabbat Service 10 am followed by Torah Study
Wednesday, July 19th - Sisterhood Lunch at Duff's Buffet on US Hwy 41. RSVP to Robyn Spirtas tbebradentonfl@yahoo.com

Friday, July 21 —  Erev Shabbat with Torah Service! 7:30 pm
Saturday, July 22 —Shabbat Service 10 am followed by Torah Study

Saturday, July 22 - Special musical Havdalah at TBE with Local Cellist Katherine Von Der Heide. Dairy Pot Luck. (no desserts please) Hosted by Neil and Robyn Spirtas

Wednesday, July 26 - TBE Board Meeting 7 pm at TBE

Friday, July 28 — Erev Shabbat 7:30 pm
Saturday, July 29 —Shabbat Service 10 am followed by Torah Study

Friday, August 4 — Erev Shabbat 7:30 pm
Saturday, August 5 —Shabbat Service 10 am followed by Torah Study

*Saturday, August 5 - TBE Open House! 12 -2:00 pm
There's more! Check out ALL the TBE EVENTS and details on the website-  view in either list or calendar view. AND print for your records!!  www.templebethelbradenton.com



Marlena Johnsky in memory of Addie Segelman; Dorothy Mizzi in memory of Rebecca Abo; Kate Richmond in memory of Weed  Richmond; Marlena Johnsky in memory of Daniel Johnsky; Jean Ellis in memory of Kelly Reynolds; Sanford Daniziger in memory of Arthur Danziger; Florence Shulman in memory of May and David Shur; JoAnn Cote in memory of her Mother.



Albert & Staci Rosenstein; Irv Zamikoff; Susie Konicov; Jean Ellis; Leonard Schlain; Ron & Robin Eiseman; Neil & Sandy Clark; Neil & Robyn Spirtas



Marlena Johnsky; Beverly Safron; Jean Ellis.

Lisa Leuchter

Thank you to everyone who has donated...


Would you like to sponsor a Shabbat? Celebrate a Simcha
remember a loved one...

Friday evening Oneg: 

Challah and wine $25; food $25, $50 for both

Saturday: Challah and wine $25

You can sponsor the entire weekend for $75!

Please make all checks payable to 

Sisterhood, Temple Beth El

 Men's Club News

Just a reminder to send in your dues. The first meeting is the 3rd Sunday in September (Sept. 17th) at 9:30 am at the Clark Activity room (behind the Temple). Come and enjoy bagels and lox as we plan events for the year. 

Neil Clark, President

Sisterhood News

The Sisterhood had a wonderful luncheon at Keke's Breakfast Café.13 beautiful women gathered around the table. It was so great to be together! Next month will be on Wednesday, July 19th 12 pm at Duff's. RSVP to Robyn tbebradentonfl@yahoo.com Bring a Jewish friend!

*NOTE: if anyone has a heavy duty mixer they are not using that they would like

to donate to Sisterhood, please call the TBE office.




If you are interested in learning how to read Hebrew or are  interested in a Beginner's Hebrew Conversation class, call Temple Beth El  at 941-755-4900

Participants in the Conversation class must  read Hebrew proficiently.

The class/s will meet on Tuesdays, from 6:00 to 7:00 (Beginners) and 7:00 to 8:00 pm (Conversation). Class will start October 3.

The cost is $50 per temple member (non-members: $60), and will consist of 8 classes.

Books are extra. Call TBE for cost.  

If you are interested in a summer course, call the Temple and leave your name. Summer classes would start July 11. Same times and cost.

Your instructor will be Susie Konicov. 

 Memorial Plots  available from Temple Beth El   Located in Palmetto, Florida, Skyway Memorial Gardens has been serving the residents of Manatee County since 1952. The tranquility of Skyway ensures a peaceful resting place for years to come. Call TBE for more info on the  "Garden of Abraham" Monthly payment plans now available through TBE

Please remember TBE in your will, 
there is no greater gift.   

A project of the sisterhood is to feed the hungry. There is a food barrel in the foyer, waiting for your contribution. Please bring your nonperishable food items as often as possible. Hunger has no season. 

 Our Hebrew & Religious school is an interactive, hands-on teaching experience. We are currently enrolling children for both Religious and Hebrew School. If you are interested in registering your child for Hebrew or Religious school, please contact our Education Director,   Susie Konicov by calling the Temple office at 941-755-4900

 The Temple Office

The TBE office is available to you or for your questions. We are open  Tuesdays thru Fridays, 9:00 am - Noon.  For Rabbi or Temple information or to RSVP for an event, please call the Temple office.  941-755-4900  The Office is located at Temple Beth El, 5150 Peridia Blvd E, Bradenton 34203

Got pocket change? Remember Pushke money? Put your change each day in a ziplock bag, then bring the bag to the Temple as a donation. Every little bit helps! It is a great way to get the kids to contribute too!

 “It is a Tree of Life to those who hold fast to it.” Proverbs 3:18  Purchasing a leaf (or leaves) is a wonderful way to mark and sanctify precious life events, such as: B’nai Mitzvah, engagements, weddings, birth of a child or grandchild, birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion.  It I also a loving way to remember those who have gone
before us.$100 per leaf. Call the TBE office for more info - 941-755-4900

Would you like to pay your dues by credit card? 

Call the office to leave their cc info or for more info.

Special Events 
Our Havdalah services are a great way to end Shabbat and start the week off right. We have a dairy pot luck meal and a special program followed by a short Havdalah service. It is a very special evening. Bring a friend!

The July Havdalah will be at the temple. Hosted by Neil and Robyn Spirtas. The program will be a musical program by Cellist Katherine Von Der Heide. 5:30 pm. Open to all.


International Film Festival
Join us as we have dinner together and then watch a film…Dinner will be prepared by our resident chef, Rabbi Michael Sternfield.  $10 pp. Mark your calendars!! 

Our next film will be held at the Temple on July 12th at 6:30 pm.  There will be a "Texas BBQ" followed by the film 
"The Frisco Kid"
RSVP by going to www.templebethelbradenton.com/events and requesting chicken or beef OR call the TBE office 941-755-4900.


5150 Peridia Blvd E Bradenton, FL 34203 (941)-755-4900 
TBEBradentonFL@yahoo.com Office hours: Monday - Thursday 9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 

Cantorial Soloist 
Office Manager 
Religious Education Director  

Executive Board
Exec. Vice President 
Immediate Past President 

Board Members

Publicity  & Social Media 
Social Events 

Men's Club 
Board Member at Large            
Michael Sternfield
Deborah Suta
Jean Ellis
Susie Konicov

Dr. Robyn Spirtas
Ron Eiseman
Neil Spirtas
Marilyn Steinberg
Stacie Rosenstein 
Sandy Clark

Karen Knoell 
Katherine Richmond 
Susie Konicov 
Stephanie Peshek 
Staci Rosenstein
Marilyn Steinberg/
Susan Shipotofsky   
Neil Clark
Irv Zamikoff  


Yahrzeit Information


We are trying out a new procedure for notification of Yahrzeit announcements with date of service.  You will not be notified any other way.  




Services June 30 & July 1

6/29    Sandy & Neil Clark I.M.O. Harry Kleinman


Services July 7 & 8

7//3    Dr. Eli Lerner I.M.O. Cheryl Marie Lerner

7/3    Neil & Sandy Clark I,M,O, Nellie Jackson

7/4    Katherine Hoffman I.M.O. Bee Eder

7/7    Dottie Mizzi I.M.O. Isaac Abo

7/7    Barry Steiger I.M.O. Saul Steiger


Services July 14 & 15   

7/10    Dr. Lois Gerber I.M.O. Jacob Gerber

7/11    Freda Koff I.M.O. Tillie Brodsky

7/11    Sharon Carlson I.M.O Betty Markel

7/12    Florence Shulman I.M.O.  Pearl Schwartz


Services July 21 & 22

7/16    Jean & Alex Shames and Eunice Bruton I.M.O. Jerry Shames

7/18    Lionel Friedman I.M.O. Herman Friedman

7/20    Barry Steiger I.M.O. Bob Steiger

7/21    David Morgen I.M.O. Nanette E. Cohen


Services July 28 & 29

7/23    Jean Shames and Eunice Burton I.M.O. Annette Shames

7/26    Sandy & Neil Clark and Helen Waldman I.M.O. Seymour Kleinman


Servi ces August 4 & 5

8/2    Ron Adelson I.M.O. Maisia Adelson


Services August 11 & 12

8/6    Dr. Eli Lerner I.M.O. Sarah Lerner

8/10    Jean Ellis I.M.O. David Levy

8/12    Neil & Sandy Clark I.M.O. Jane Clark


Services August 18 & 19

8/13    Celia Strickler I.M.O. Blanche Strickler

8/15    Jean Ellis I.M.O. Sarah Ellis

8/16    Jean Shames I.M.O. Robert L. Dunne

8/18    Robyn & Neil Spritas  I.M.O. David Rosenfeld

8/19    Paul Stahl I.M.O. Charles Stahl

8/23    Susan Koff I.M.O. Beatrice Schiffman

8/24    Robyn & Nail Spirtas I.M.O. Sadie Rosenfeld


Services August 25 & 26

8/23    Neil & Sandy Clark I.M.O. Golda Milch

8/24    Marlena Johnsky I.M.O. Norman Harris

Simcha Grams 

Send Birthday, Anniversary and Bar/Bat Mitzvah "Simcha-Grams" to your TBE family
and friends!

TBE sends Birthday, Anniversary, Bar/Bat Mitzvah and other celebration “Simcha-grams” to members in honor of their special day. This is a wonderful way to contribute to your Synagogue and to send  your TBE family good wishes. This is also an easy way for our Synagogue to make extra money, so please take the time to fill this out. To have your name included in the congratulatory card, just print this form and circle those names you wish to be included on and enclose $2.00 per name.  A card will be mailed to those individuals prior to their special day.     
Names must be received at the office by the 20th of the month prior  to the birthday or anniversary.

Please Note: If we have somehow overlooked your Simcha or made an error in 

printing the date, please accept our apologies, and call the temple

office at 941-755-4900, so that we may update our records.



10         Freda Koff

13         Barry Schneider

26         Harold Millstein



13   Jerry & Susan Koff

31   Becky & Bob Hadesman

Simcha Gram Form

Your Name ____________________________________________  

How would you like your Signature on  card? ________________________________________

Phone: _______________________________

# of Names Selected  @ $2.00 each  _________  Check total:______________________

In the memo area of your check write: Simcha Gram and send by the 20th of the month prior to the simcha month  to: Temple Beth El Attention: Simcha Gram, 5150 Peridia Blvd E. Bradenton, Fl  34203 
If we have somehow overlooked your Simcha or made an error in printing the date, please accept our apologies and call the temple office at 941-755-4900 so that we may update our records.  

Temple Beth El Bradenton/Lakewood Ranch is a 501(c) 3 is a non-profit organization. 
5150 Peridia Blvd East, Bradenton, Fl. 34203

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